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Park CP School, Llay

Update March 2012

The new building was handed over on 10 February 2012.  The Infants are now using the new facilities and the staff and pupils are enjoying their new building.

The Junior school pupils have now moved into the former Infants school whilst the refurbishment of their school takes place.  This is scheduled for completion in August 2012.

Update January 2012

'Work has progressed extremely well since the last update.  The roof covering and wall cladding are almost complete.

Internally, partitions, underfloor heating are complete.  Floor finishes and decoration are ongoing, along with the fitting of sanitary appliances, kitchens and fixed furniture.
The external areas are well underway, with tarmac to the outdoor areas in place and the external canopies currently being installed.  Turf has now been laid and planting has commenced to the landscaped areas.

Completion of the new build is intended for 10 February 2012.  The Infants will move into the new build over the half term break in order to start the new term in the new building.

The Juniors will move into the old Infants building in early March 2012, to allow the refurbishment of the Junior School to take place, with a proposed completion of July 2012.'

External works continue to progress well and a tarmac base course to external areas will be laid in the near future.

Update November 2011

Construction works are progressing well at the school.  All roof works are now substantially complete and works have commenced to the eaves.  The wall cladding is now underway, along with the framing to the internal partitioning.  The corridor atrium rooflight, which runs the full length of the curved curved corridor, is currently being installed.

School Road is now closed to the public in front of the junior school and the remaining 2 way section was handed over and opened for the first day of the new September term.  The contractor, Harry Fairclough Construction provided traffic marshalls to help the staff on the first day back.

External works continue to progress well and a tarmac base course to external areas will be laid in the near future.

The school will be constructed using BREEAM standards and the predicted energy and water usage for the new build area is: 

Electricity 54 kWh/m2 = 60,543 KWh/yr

Heating 38 kWh/m2 = 42,598 kWh/yr

Water use 5.4m3/person/yr (63% from rainwater harvesting)

August 2011

Site works are progressing well and the form of the building is now taking shape, with the steel frame completed on 8 July 2011. The roof sheeting is due to commence next and works to form the ground floor slab will follow.

The staff are using the new car park, which is working well and has provided separation between the school yard and vehicles. The Contractor, Harry Fairclough Construction, is working well with the school, and the project is currently on programme.

May 2011

Harry Fairclough Construction have been appointed the main contractor for the works and work has started on site.

The works include the construction of a new extension to the existing Junior School to provide accommodation for the Infants and Pre-School classes. The existing Junior School will then be altered and refurbished to provide updated classrooms and facilities. It is also proposed that the section of School Road in front of the existing Junior School is permanently closed off, to provide additional playground areas and safe access to the school field. The woodland ‘habitat’ area within the existing Infants’ School grounds is to be retained and accessed by the new school via a path to be created behind the Health Centre.

The BREEAM rating of ‘Excellent’ on this scheme is the target, with a predicted pre-assessment score of 75.13%.

The new extension will be curved to ‘soften’ the impact to the street frontage and to allow outdoor areas to flow around the perimeter of the building. The new accommodation has been designed to be split-level to utilise the natural slope across the site. The introduction of air source heat pumps will provide heating to the new build, along with solar panels to generate electricity. Rainwater from the new extension will be collected in an underground harvesting tank and used to flush wcs. The use of rooflights, high level glazing and sunpipes will allow natural light into inner areas. Natural ventilation will be maximised with the use of windcatchers.

The gross floor area of the new extension is 990m2, with the total site area being 1.92 hectares. The main function areas to both schools will be housed in the refurbished Junior School. There will be a Main Hall (168m2) and a new Studio Hall (67.6m2). The area of circulation in the new extension is 230m2 and storage within the new extension amounts to 55.2m2.’ - Basic building cost will be £/m2 approx - £1585/m2, Service costs £/m2, approx - £520/m2 and external works - total cost £460,000.

It is the intention that 53.5% of the school grounds will be available to be used by the community, along with 17.5% of the school buildings.

The Contractor is committed to taking measures to reduce environmental impacts as follows:

In order to reduce / stop any water pollution from activities carried out on Llay Primary School the Contractor will endeavour to:

In order to reduce / stop any other pollution from activities carried out on Llay Primary School will endeavour to:

 In order to reduce their energy and water use on this scheme, the Contractor will:

 The Contractor will also encourage the following:

January Update

Tenders for the main works have been invited with a return date of the end of January. Works on extension of the infant and pre school class should begin in February. Works to the staff car park will begin in January and should be completed in March. 

The infant school should be open to staff and pupils in February 2012 and the planned refurbishment of the junior school should be completed by November 2012.

November Update

The plans for the improvements to the school have now been given the go ahead by Wrexham Council’s planning department. Officers from the Asset Management section of the Council are currently working on the detailed drawings and tender package which is expected to go out early December.

If everything goes according to schedule works could start as soon as early as February next year on the car park works. Building work could start on the infants block in March and the whole project should be completed by December 2012.

August 2010 Update

Plans have now been submitted for the school and are currently out to consultation.  The application will be considered by Wrexham Council’s Planning Committee in the Autumn. The plans include refurbishment of the existing Junior School building, a new extension for infant and pre-school class and safety and access improvements to School Road.  The majority of the funding has been provided by the Welsh Assembly.

The refurbishment and new build will follow the BRE Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM), the leading and most widely used environmental assessment for buildings.

If plans are approved work should start on the site in the Autumn and should be completed in time for the Autumn Term 2012.  The work will be undertaken in two stages, the first will be the new extension followed by the major refurbishment of the existing Junior building.

July 2010

£4.5 million of funding has been made available by the Welsh Assembly for a new school in Llay. At this moment in time officers are busy preparing a planning application for submission to Wrexham Council’s Planning Department.

Consultation will then take place before any approvals or otherwise are granted.