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Student Support 2014/15

The Student Loans Company has recently been appointed by the Welsh Government to deliver student finance arrangements in Wales. Student Finance Wales will be based in Llandudno Junction, and will initially take over the processing, assessment and payment of NEW applications in 2014/15 and all remaining student finance applications by 2015/16. A range of student finance information and guidance is available and parents and students at www.studentfinancewales.co.uk

Advice about making an application

New Students – starting a course in 2014/15 Academic Year

As a new student starting your course in the 2014/15 academic year, Student Finance Wales will be responsible for your application.

The application service for full-time students is expected to open on or around week commencing 31st March 2014. Applications should be made online at www.studentfinancewales.co.uk

Student Finance Wales can be followed on Facebook (facebook.com/SFWales) or Twitter (@SF_Wales)

Student Finance Wales can be contacted on 0300 200 4050.

Returning Students in the 2014/15 Academic Year

Those students continuing their studies in the 2014/15 academic year should continue to apply, as usual, at www.studentfinancewales.co.uk

If you have any questions or need to send any information or evidence to support your application, contact your Local Authority who will continue to deal with your student finance application.

What We Do

The Wrexham Student Support Office is based in 16 Lord Street, Wrexham, LL11 1LG. We are responsible for assessing the eligibility and entitlement of continuing students normally resident in the area of the Authority attending Colleges and Universities throughout the United Kingdom.

Our primary purpose is to ensure that you receive all the assistance and advice you need.

How to apply and when          

From 2011/12 paper application forms for Student Support will not generally be available. As part of a modernisation package announced by the Welsh Government, students and their parents are being encouraged to apply online for support.

Full details of how to apply online can be found on www.studentfinancewales.co.uk under the Frequently Asked Questions (faqs) on the home page.

Continuing students

You can apply online or download an application form at www.studentfinancewales.co.uk

Timetable for Student Support Applicants 2014/15

You must meet the following deadline if you want to receive the first instalment of your student support at the start of your course. If you do not fill in any of the forms completely or clearly, or fail to provide all the necessary evidence, this will delay any payment.

6 June 2014

Continuing students must return their PR1 with all the relevant sections completed by this date. Or submit an online application.

Your application will not normally be accepted if you apply later than 9 months after the start of the academic year. Please ensure you have the form weighed in a Post Office and affix sufficient postage for its return.

At the start of your course

If you have met all the above deadlines and the details you have supplied regarding location and type of course have not subsequently changed, the money you are entitled to should be transferred to your account shortly after you register at your college / university. You must have a live bank or building society account into which instalments can be electronically transferred.

New for 2013/14

You will need to contact your University to discuss tuition fees.

Welsh Government Learning Grant (WGLG)

The WGLG for 2014/15 will be £5,161. If your income is below £18,370 you will be eligible for the maximum amount.

Household Income Full Time Course
£0 to £18,370 £5,161
£18,371 to £50,020 Partial Grant
Over £50,020 £0

Debt Relief

The Welsh Ministers have introduced a part cancellation of maintenance loans taken out over the duration of your course. The maximum amount that may be cancelled is £1,500.

Here you will find the answers to most of your questions. If you can't find the answer here please feel free to get in touch.

When can I apply for help?

You can apply online from early April 2014 at www.studentfinancewales.co.uk

You should complete your application no later than 6 June 2014. If you apply late, you may not get your money in time for the start of term.

Who can I speak to for advice or help when applying?

Continuing students can contact us on 01978 297406.  You can also visit us at Contact Wrexham to discuss general enquires Monday to Friday, between 8.30am and 5.30pm. You do not need to make an appointment; however, there are sometimes queues during the summer months. New students should contact Student Finance Wales on 0300 200 4050

What is my customer reference number?

When you make your initial application you will be issued with a unique 11 character customer reference number which will be quoted on all correspondence you receive.

When will I know what financial help I am entitled to?

You should receive a notification letter confirming your entitlement within approximately 6 weeks of us receiving a fully completed application.

If your application form is incomplete or we need further information this may delay your assessment being completed.

My parents are divorced; do I have to provide income details for both parents?

It is only the income of the parent with whom you usually live with that is required.

However, if the parent you usually live with has remarried or is cohabiting, we will also need their financial details.

How much maintenance loan can I get?

This depends on where you are living and the level of your income and that of your family/partner/spouse.
The maximum amount of loan that you can get for the 2014/15 academic year is:

  • £5,202 for students living away from home
  • £7,288 for students in London and living away from home
  • £4,027 for students living at home
  • 75% of this amount is available to all eligible students regardless of household income

If you are awarded a Welsh Government Learning Grant /Special Support Grant, this will also affect the level of maintenance loan you are awarded.

Students in their final year of study will receive less because there is no longer any financial provision to cover the summer vacation.

How do I repay my maintenance loan?

Details of how the loan repayment process works can be found in the booklet 'Student Loans: A Guide to Terms and Conditions'.  This booklet can be found on the Student Finance Wales website: www.studentfinancewales.co.uk on the page entitled 'Forms and Guides'.

For students who take out a maintenance loan from Student Finance Wales in 2014/15 there will be up to £1,500 debt relief when you have made your first compulsory loan repayment when earning over £21,000 subject to certain conditions.

How much will I have to pay towards my fees?

That depends if you are a continuing or first year student.

Since 2012/13 students who choose to study in Wales, England or Northern Ireland may be charged up to £9,000 a year.

Students who are continuing their studies and started university between 2006/07 and 2011/12 will be charged a tuition fee of up to £3,465.

How do I pay my fees?

A Non Means tested tuition fee loan of up to £3,685 will be available and a non means-tested new tuition fee grant to cover the difference between the maximum tuition fee loan available and the tuition fee actually charged by the UK university (a maximum grant of £5,315 if a tuition fee of £9,000 is charged)

If you have chosen to take out the tuition fee loan then it will be paid directly to your university by the Student Loans Company. 

You will not have to repay this loan until you have left university and are earning over £21,000.  Should you wish to pay your tuition fees yourself (i.e. without a loan), you will need to contact the university's finance office direct.

If you do not wish to take out a tuition fee loan, you will be expected to self-fund the first £3,685 of your tuition fees.

Will I receive the Welsh Government Leaning Grant (WGLG)?

The WGLG was introduced for students starting their course from September 2006 onwards, how much you receive depends on whether you are continuing your studies or starting university for the first time in 2014/15.

Students who commenced their course between 2006/07 and 2009/10 academic years can apply for a WGLG of up to £3,000.  How much you receive will depend on your household income.  When household income is £18,370 or less students can expect to receive the maximum grant of £3,000.  Partial grants are available when household income is between £18,371 and £39,329.

Students who commenced their studies in 2010/11 can apply for a WGLG of up to £5,161 if their household income is below £18,370 and a partial grant between £18,371 and £50,020.

Students who commenced their studies in 2011/12 can apply for a WGLG of up to £5,780 if their household income is below £18,370 and a partial grant between £18,371 and £50,020.

Students who commenced their studies in 2012/13 and 2013/14 can apply for an WGLG of up to £5,161 if their household income is below £18,370 and a partial grant between £18,371 and £50,020.

How do I apply for the WGLG?

When you complete an application form your entitlement to the WGLG will be calculated based on the financial information given on this form.

How will the WGLG be paid?

It will be paid in three instalments, at the start of each term, along with any Maintenance Loan applied for and will not need to be repaid unless you leave your course early.

Special Support Grant

This grant can be paid to students instead of the WGLG who may be eligible to receive means-tested benefits such as Income Support and Housing Benefit.

NB: Unlike the WGLG the Special Support Grant will not effect your entitlement to any DWP benefits or the amount of maintenance loan you may be entitled to receive.

The amount of support, the income assessment arrangements and the payment arrangements are all the same as for the WGLG grant.  If you are receiving the Special Support Grant you will not be eligible to receive the WGLG grant.

How will I receive my money?

The Student Loans Company (SLC) will usually pay your loan and other grants in three equal instalments, one at the start of each term.

Instalments will normally be paid direct into your bank or building society account.  You will receive a payment schedule from the SLC, which tells you how you will get your money.  If you apply for the tuition fee loan to help with tuition fees this amount will be paid directly to your University by the SLC.


You will need to consult your chosen university for details.

Is any further help available?

Additional help may be available if you are disabled, have dependants or if you have extra travel costs because you are on clinical placement abroad or are disabled.

What if I change course or university/college?

You should tell us of any changes as soon as possible.

A change of course or university/college might affect whether you are able to get financial help and how much you can get. A change of circumstance form is available from the Student Finance Wales website.

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