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Carbon Reduction and Energy Efficiency

Under the Council Priority “An Environmentally Responsible Place” Wrexham County Borough Council are committed to reducing carbon emissions by 50% by 2015/16 and 70% by 2020, against a 2005/06 baseline. To achieve this we are:

So far we have reduced our carbon emissions by 37,651 tonnes of CO2 against the baseline year in 2005/2006. This includes carbon emissions from the Council’s offices, schools, leisure centres and other non domestic buildings, Council owned housing, waste and recycling, our fleet vehicles and staff business travel. 37,651 tonnes of CO2 is equivalent to travelling 112,990,651 miles in a car or 388,595,971 miles by train. 1 tonne of CO2 roughly takes up the same volume as a 2 storey house!

Sustainability and Climate Change

Sustainability means using our common sense to improve the long term wellbeing of our communities and future generations. For Wrexham County Borough Council, this will be achieved by aligning and integrating our economic, social and environmental objectives, through our Council Plan.

The Welsh Government is developing a new legislative bill on sustainable development. This will place a statutory duty on Welsh public sector organisations, including local authorities, to make sustainability central to their work. A key implication of the Bill is that it will expect Welsh public sector organisations to plan for the long term. 

Our climate is changing. There is now a clear scientific case that this change is being brought about by human activity. Unchecked climate change disturbs the pattern of rainfall, sunshine, winds and currents in the oceans. It threatens the basic elements of life for people and environments around the world, including access to water, food production, health and use of the land.

Urgent and sustained action to cut emissions is needed to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. At the same time, no matter how much we reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we will experience some degree of climate change here in the future and we will need to adapt to that. This is why our approach at WCBC is to do what we can to minimise our current CO2 emissions, whilst planning for how we can support resilient communities to be resilient to adapt to the changing world we will live in the future. 

Schools Power Campaign

As part of our wider work we have a rolling schools engagement programme focussing on climate change and energy use, led by the Environmental Education Officer. Schools are one of the biggest energy users, and currently account for over 50% of the carbon emissions from Council buildings. The programme aims to stimulate action across the schools, involving the staff and pupils, through assemblies, lessons and energy audits and is linked to the National Curriculum. This culminates in the Power Challenge Week where the whole school works together to try to reduce energy consumption as much as possible.

For schools that have already taken part in the programme and would like to continue, a full set of teacher resources can be found on the People Power Wrexham website. For schools interested in taking part then please contact us for more information.

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