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Environmental Enforcement Service

The Role of the Environmental Enforcement Officers

The role of the Environmental Enforcement Officers is to limit the incidences of dog fouling, littering and anti-social behaviour within the County Borough. In order to achieve this aim the wardens undertake a variety of activities including information, education and enforcement activities.

Report a Dog Related Problem



Schools Presentations – The Environmental Enforcement Officers are available to give informal presentations to school children about the issues surrounding dog fouling and littering. These presentations are aimed at a variety of age ranges from primary school children upwards. A range of educational materials and ideas for further work can be provided.

Promotional Activities – Activities such as litter picking excursions for local children can be arranged as an opportunity to educate and inform as well as a means of tackling littered areas directly. The Environmental Enforcement Officers are keen to work with any groups who express an interest in taking action to reduce the extent of these problems.

Enforcement Activities

Whilst raising awareness, promoting a more responsible approach to our environment and educating youngsters are all means of reducing instances of littering and dog fouling there will always be those who refuse to alter their behaviour. The enforcement powers of the wardens enable them to prosecute individuals for littering and dog fouling. Fixed penalty notices can also be issued to offenders who are caught allowing their dogs to foul and not removing the waste or failing to dispose of their litter in a correct manner. The amounts of the fixed penalties are set by the Welsh Assembly. Currently fixed penalties of £75 are routinely issued for dog fouling and littering offences. The fixed penalty notices require payment to be made within 14 days of the notice being received to prevent further action being taken. Failure to pay can result in court procedures being taken against the offender. Dog fouling carries a maximum penalty of £1000 and littering can incur a penalty of up to £2500. The Environmental Enforcement Officers carry out frequent patrols of areas within the County Borough in order to catch offenders.

How to contact the Environmental Enforcement Officers

If you are reporting an incident it will help to have a note of the date, the time and place the incident occurred as well as a description of the offender (if known) and any other relevant information such as colour, size and breed of dog.