Environmental Protection

This page provides information about Environmental Protection within Wrexham County Borough and the range of services we provide.

About Environmental Protection

The Environmental Protection Service is part of the Housing and Public Protection Department and operates alongside other Regulatory Services e.g. Trading Standards.

The Environmental Protection Service exists for the benefit of residents of Wrexham County Borough. Our aim to ensure that people living and working in Wrexham County Borough are not exposed to pollution or nuisance which may be prejudicial to health or the wider environment. We perform this role through law enforcement, advice and education. We strive to achieve this through a number of key service activity areas:

  • Advise, assist and educate residents with regards to pollution activities and help them if they are being affected by either Commercial / Industrial or Domestic pollution or nuisance.
  • Advise, assist and regulate industry within Wrexham County Borough to make sure they comply with legislation and minimise any potential impact they may have on residents and / or the environment.
  • Permit industry to carry out authorised activities.
  • Inspect industrial premises for compliance with a range of Environmental Protection legislation e.g. controlling their emissions, ensuring the use of best practice operating techniques and equipment.
  • Take enforcement action against industries that breech legislation e.g. uncontrolled releases to air, failure to comply with operating permit.
  • Investigate nuisance allegations against domestic properties e.g. complaints of noise, smells, smoke and accumulations such as refuse which are causing a nuisance or are prejudicial to health.
  • Provide advice on the responsibilities for dealing with defective or blocked private drains, private sewers or septic tanks. Take enforcement action where neighbours or other parties are unwilling to co-operate to resolve the problem amongst themselves.
  • Monitor and advise on Private Water Supplies to ensure they are fit for human consumption or to enter the food chain.
  • Sample, advise and respond to complaints about Public (Mains) drinking water.
  • Monitor the Air Quality within Wrexham County Borough to ensure that it meets National and European regulations and take action to improve it where it exceeds these limits.
  • Assess potential ‘contaminated land’ sites and other land contamination issues to ensure that they are not causing unacceptable risks to human health and/or the wider environment and take action in accordance with the legislation (either Part 2A or through the planning regime) to mitigate any risks.
  • Ensure properties within Smoke Control Area’s comply with legislation and, therefore, do not impact the health of residents.

Please also see Pollutants and Hazardous Substances and Noise and Pollution Control frequently asked questions.

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