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In parts of Wrexham County Borough, mosquitoes can be a problem during the warmer months.



Bedbugs are small wingless insects that feed solely upon the blood of warm-blooded animals.



Cockchafers are also known as the Maybug or Junebug as they are usually seen in late Spring and early Summer.


Pigeons as Pests

The control of pigeons is a very emotive subject. Many people see them as part of the natural wildlife of Wrexham. Others see them as a pest and would like to see them all removed from our streets and open spaces.


Cable Bug

The Cable Bug, a phenomenon only recently recognised, occurs in the built environment in large offices, computer rooms, telephone exchanges etc. The occupants of such buildings receive insect-like bite marks on exposed skin. Extensive investigation of buildings presumed infested with biting insects shows no evidence of any arthropod activity.



Control measures should only really be required where ants are invading or living in properties.


Grey Squirrels

The Grey Squirrel (Sciurus Carolinensis) is the American cousin of Britain’s endangered red variety. There are estimated to be almost five million Grey Squirrels in Britain.


Wild Rabbits

The rabbit is found in habitats which provide suitable grass or other vegetation for grazing. Rabbits will also live under sheds, amongst rubble and in piles of dead tree roots and branches.


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