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‘Contaminated Land’ and ‘Land Contamination’ – Searches


The Contaminated Land Team receive enquiries regarding land contamination and they often fall into one of four categories:

Solicitors Searches

When solicitors carry out conveyancing work, it is common practice for them to pay a company for an ‘environmental search’ as part of the due diligence process. The Law Society issued a Warning Card to all solicitors informing them of the potential liabilities associated with contaminated land and Part 2a and as a consequence, by commissioning an environmental search from a specialist company, they can better understand any concerns that may exist with a property.

Solicitors often approach the Council when an environmental search shows a potential concern for a property. Contaminated Land Officers will assess the search findings and where possible provide further information and advice on the contamination status of the site with regard to Part 2a.

In line with discretionary charges for Planning Services a charge of £35+VAT will be payable. You can pay :

Environmental Consultants Searches

Environmental consultants often contact the Council for environmental information (such as land contamination, landfill sites, prescribed processes, nuisance notices, pollution incidents etc...) when they are carrying out a contamination assessment of a site for a client (e.g. a developer). Contamination assessments are often required for purchasing land (similar to the property searches described under Solicitors Searches above) or when developing a site through the planning regime.

In line with discretionary charges for Planning Services a charge of £70+VAT will be payable. You can pay :

General Enquiries

Residents, visitors or employees within Wrexham County Borough or other members of the public may have general enquiries regarding land contamination or like to know more about specific pieces of land. Where possible and within reason information and advice can be provided. Such enquiries may be dealt with through the procedures for disclosure of information under the Environmental Information Regulations, 2006.

In certain circumstances, for example, large projects where there is significant interest the Council will organise ‘liaison meetings’. In addition the Contaminated Land Team takes reports to the Environment and Regeneration Scrutiny Committee and the public may sit in the audience (in a non-participating capacity) at such meetings.