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Registration for Cosmetic Piercing, Tattooing and Electrolysis

The following types of skin piercing need to be registered with the council's Public Protection Service:

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Registration is governed by the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982 Part VIII (amended by the Local Government Act 2003).

Both the person carrying out the procedure and the premises must be registered.

The applicant must ensure that the procedures, equipment and facilities used are safe, hygienic, prevent the spread of disease and comply fully with the general duty of care required by the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974.

It is illegal to conduct cosmetic piercing, tattooing, skin colouring, acupuncture or electrolysis unless the registration has been formally approved. This will involve a visit by a Health and Safety Officer.

In June 2012 Wrexham County Borough Council adopted the model byelaws for acupuncture, tattooing, semi-permanent skin-colouring, cosmetic piercing and electrolysis.

The byelaws cover:

A copy of the registration certificate and the relevant byelaws must be displayed at the premises.

For further information on the byelaws please see below:

How to Apply

Apply online

To become registered you must complete an application form and pay a fee.

You can download the application form and apply online.

Once an application has been made and the fee paid we will inspect your premises. If the inspector considers the applicant's procedures and the premises to be suitable, then registration will be approved. The officer will provide advice or guidance if you are unsure as to how to meet these obligations.