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Events Advice Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I notify the Council or apply to hold my event?

If you are planning an event we ask you to read the Event Notification & Planning pages.

Do I need a license for my event?

Our Licensing of Events pages should answer your query

How much notice do I need to give you of my event?

This will depend upon the size and nature of the event – please read our Event Notification & Planning pages.

What if I want to hold an event on the public highway?

You will need to obtain permission and you are advised to let us know details of your event as soon as possible so that the Highways Department , Police and other interested parties can be consulted on your proposal in plenty of time. (By public highway we mean any pavements, walkways, roads or pedestrian areas in the Wrexham County Borough Council area). If your event is in a private location, but is likely to affect the public highway, you will still need to tell us about it.

For further information or queries on highways matters please contact a member of Wrexham County Borough Council's Highways Team on 01978 729643 or email highwayroadworks@wrexham.gov.uk.

Can I close a road for my event?

Some streets/roads are easier to close than others. Think about other residents, access for emergency services and the impact closing your road may have on other roads. You will need to fill in an application form with details of the roads you want to close and forward it to the Highways Department.

For further information or queries on highways matters please contact a member of Wrexham County Borough Council's Highways Team on 01978 729643 or email highwayroadworks@wrexham.gov.uk.

How do I consult with businesses and residents?

Ideally you should consult with all affected parties during the early planning stages to avoid any potential issues or problems. It is advisable to do a letter drop to all affected addresses at least two weeks before your event. The letter should include your name and contact details and explain what, where and when your event is.

We are planning on doing a charitable collection during our event. Do we need a licence or permit?

To collect money or sell articles for the benefit of charitable or other purposes, you are likely to need a street collection permit. You can apply for one by contacting our Licensing Team:
Tel: 01978 298990
Email: public_protection_service@wrexham.gov.uk

How do I write a risk assessment?

Guidance is given on the Health and Safety Executive website at www.hse.gov.uk.

There is also a specific micro site on event safety within this website www.hse.gov.uk/event-safety/

The Health and Safety Executive also have a list of FAQs on their website at www.hse.gov.uk/event-safety/faqs.htm

What is an Event Management Plan?

This is a written statement of how an event organiser will run their event.

For more information on this and to view an example, see the Events Notification pages and the Event Safety Advisory Group pages of our website.

Do I need Liability Insurance?

Yes - in almost all cases. For Employers Liability Insurance requirements please refer to the Health and Safety Executive website at www.hse.gov.uk/simple-health-safety/get.htm

It is also responsible practice to take out Public Liability Insurance. Events that cannot demonstrate that they have appropriate insurance will not receive the support of the Council or other members of an Event Safety Advisory Group.

Where can I find guidance if I want a bouncy castle or fairground ride(s) at my event?

There is guidance on the Health and Safety Executive website at www.hse.gov.uk (Tip – Bouncy castles and similar types of play equipment are referred to as Play Inflatables so use these key words in your search).

You should also ensure that the company you hire from or contract has appropriate Public Liability Insurance.

How can I promote my event?

Request that details of your event be uploaded to the 'What's on in Wrexham Guide'.

Also contact Wrexham Council's Marketing and Promotions Manager for advice economicdevelopment@wrexham.gov.uk.

Can I hand out leaflets on the street to promote my event?

You can, but be aware that you are responsible for the litter that is dropped as a result of you handing out leaflets. You could face penalties for littering and it is therefore advised that you arrange for any dropped leaflets to be picked up. Another thing to remember is that you must not obstruct the public highway.

How many toilets do I need to provide for my outdoor event?

This will depend upon a number of factors such as the size and type of event, ratio of males to females etc. The Event Safety Guide/Purple Guide gives some guidance in this regard. As a general rule, organisers are advised to follow the guidance in the most recent version of the relevant British Standard (BS 6465).

Please contact: public_protection_service@wrexham.gov.uk or telephone 01978 298989 if you need further advice.

Do I need to make adjustments for disabled people?

Yes you do. Event organisers are required under the Equality Act 2010 to take reasonable measures to ensure that they are not discriminating against disabled people.

Government advice on the requirements of the Equality Act is available via the internet. Some Councils have produced specific guidance to event organisers on making events accessible e.g. Cheshire West and Chester Council 'Making Events Accessible for Disabled People - Guidance for Event Organisers' which is available to download as a PDF document from their website.

For access advice for events in the Wrexham area please contact the Association of Voluntary Organisations Wrexham (AVOW) on tel. 01978 312556.

What funding is available for my event?

Funding may be available from a variety of sources, including Government Grants, The Big Lottery Fund, and Local ad-hoc grants. Please contact the Wrexham Council Marketing and Promotions Manager for advice. Tel. 01978 292544.

What do I do if my event changes?

If your event or event plan changes, you need to tell us as soon as possible and we will do what we can to help. If your event changes so that it is outside the scope of your original application (such as the date or location changing), so that it no longer meets minimum licensing timescales, or no longer meets the Event Safety Advisory Group requirements, then you may have to re-apply.

Do I need a first aider or other medical provision at my event?

The level of medical provision required will depend on many contributing factors such as the nature of the event, its location, proximity to definitive care, expected numbers etc. The Event Safety Guide/Purple Guide gives some guidance in this regard. You are advised to carry out a medical and first aid provision risk assessment and to contact the North Wales Ambulance Service for their advice and guidance.

Can I sell food at my event?

Yes but Food Safety laws will need to be complied with. Please contact our Food Safety team for advice Tel. 01978 298989 or Email public_protection_service@wrexham.gov.uk.

There are some relevant food safety publications, documents and web based guidance referred to in the Event Advice and Guidance pages.

Who is responsible for safety at events?

Primary responsibility rests with the event organiser although others in the operational management team, contractors and landowners may also have duties in law.

Where can I get advice on choosing a consultant?

There are numerous specialist companies and individuals that you can use to give you professional advice or act as event management consultants. You can search for these on the internet but it is advisable to ask for references and check them out before engaging their services.

There is also a new on-line register of health and safety consultants. Some of these list event safety as an area they can give advice on – search the website below by Entertainment and Leisure Industry.
See www.oshcr.org