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Event Notification & Planning

Getting Organised

Pre-planning and consultation is very important!

What type of event are you hoping to have?

It is important to determine from the beginning what type of event you are intending to put on, so that from an early stage you can establish what permissions you may need and people who you need to contact in advance of the event taking place.

The degree of organisation and planning of an event will depend on whether it is on a small, medium or large scale. As a guide, we would suggest that a small event is one attended by fewer than 100 people, a medium sized event by fewer than 499 people and large attended by 500+ people.

Am I likely to be asked to attend Event Safety Advisory Group (ESAG) meetings?

If you are planning a large event, generally you will be requested to submit your plans to ESAG and attend ESAG meetings, however certain activities at smaller events may necessitate ESAG becoming involved. (See ESAG link from the Events Advice homepage for further information on ESAG).

We would ask that you take a little bit of time to consider the size, nature and risk profile of your event. Please follow the link to the Event Safety Checklist document which is designed to assist you. (You are invited to complete the Checklist and calculate the risk-score for your event).

If your event is large, or scores a "High Risk" or "Medium Risk" on the Checklist then please:

Fill in the "Notification of a Public Event" form (download from link above), include the completed Event Safety Checklist and send to:

The Licensing Service,
Housing & Public Protection Department,
Wrexham County Borough Council,
Ruthin Road,
LL13 7TU


email: licensingservice@wrexham.gov.uk

Early notification of your event will help Officers of Wrexham Council (and the Emergency Services) understand and plan for any resource implications that may be associated with the event – suggested timescales and information on the Safety Advisory Group approach are provided in the Event Safety Advisory Group pages. The event notification process also enables officers to identify and inform you well in advance about any permissions or licenses that may be needed for your event, and to offer other relevant advice to help you with event planning.

A "High Risk" result for a proposed event will generally require the preparation of an Event Management Plan and attendance at the ESAG meetings.

A "Medium Risk" result for a proposed event will be considered by Council Officers as to whether an Event Management Plan and attendance at the ESAG meetings is warranted.

Should you want to discuss any issues further please telephone the Licensing Team on 01978 298990.

What do I need to do now?

If your event is High or Medium Risk then you will need to have a dialogue with the Emergency Planning Team following receipt of your notification of the event and associated checklist.

Whether your event is small, medium or large it is important that the safety of the public is given the highest priority and that suitable measures are put in place to reduce any potential risks. There is a wealth of information available to help you whatever the size of your event. (See our Event Advice & Guidance pages).

What do I do when?

Below is a guide to the jobs you may need to complete. This is just an example for you to consider, the timescales and jobs can be adjusted accordingly depending on the size of your event e.g. a small picnic in the park will not require planning one year ahead or need to be considered by the ESAG.

For large, high or medium risk events you need to be starting discussions with the Council at least 9 - 12 months prior to the event taking place.

However, whether you are going BIG or small there will be similar issues and legal requirements needing to be addressed to ensure the success and safety of your event. See also other guidance available via the Events Advice homepage.

Even if your event does not fall into the above criteria for notification, the Licensing Team, Health & Safety Team and other Public Protection teams welcome requests for advice and advance information about proposed events.

We hope your event is successful, fun and ...SAFE !