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Promotion & Marketing

Please contact the Marketing & Promotions Team for Wrexham County Borough Council for advice and to enquire about ways in which you may be able to promote your event. Wrexham Tourist Information Centre 01978 292015 may also be able to assist by displaying posters and flyers.

You can also check to see what other events are on in the Wrexham area and post information about your event on the following web link:

Promoting your Event

Posters and Flyers

Flyers are a cost effective means of advertising, so long as you put thought and effort into how you distribute them.

Stick to a simple eye-catching design and keep words to a minimum. Check the details thoroughly and make sure that, as well as a brief description, you include the date, time, venue, cost and contact details for further information.

If your flyers are to be bilingual, both languages should have equal prominence. You need to think carefully about how best to display the two languages, for ease of reading. Back to back / top and bottom / side by side are much easier on the eye than mixing both together.

Think of your target audience when deciding where to leave your posters and flyers – for example, if you are organising a small local event, try the local shops, primary school, leisure centre, library, doctor's surgery etc. For a large scale family event in the summer, you will find that bed and breakfast providers, caravan sites and campsites are always grateful for details of events that may be of interest to their visitors.

Wrexham Tourist Information Centre, Queens Square, Wrexham (01978 292015) will always take flyers and, if they have space, may also display posters. If appropriate, send to Tourist Information Centres in neighbouring counties as well.

Websites and Social Media

Newspapers, TV and Radio

Consider the extent of the area in which you wish to promote your event and compile a list of media contacts that includes publications, TV and Radio.

Find out who is the best person to send your details to and be sure to check print or broadcasting deadlines. If sending press releases, it is a good idea to 'drip-feed' details to create more interest. Depending on your budget, you can use the following means of promotion: