Healthy Options Award Scheme

An exciting new award scheme for food business has recently been launched across Wales.

The Healthy Options Award Scheme is designed to improve standards in catering establishments.

What is this award about?

Consumers now view eating out not just as an occasional treat, but as part of everyday life. Therefore, as a caterer you could potentially make a tremendous contribution to improving your customers diet and health by providing healthier food choices. Consumers are confronted almost daily with information about diet, nutrition and health in the media. Surveys have shown that consumers are becoming much more knowledgeable about healthy eating, and many customers think that they should have the choice to eat healthily when they eat out. Many food manufacturers and retailers who have taken the opportunity to introduce healthier options are seeing rapid growth in these sales.

The aim of this Healthy Options Award is to increase accessibility to tasty food, which has been prepared in a healthy way. This scheme is aiming to offer the customer healthy options on your menu. Your entire menu does not have to be healthy, it is about giving the customer a choice.

How will it help my business?

  • Successful premises will:
  • Receive a Healthy Options Award certificate to display on the premises;
  • Have free publicity in the Local Authority and any relevant publications and websites;
  • Have the right to use the Healthy Options Award logo on their stationery/menus/boards;
  • Hopefully maintain and extend business as increasing numbers of people are choosing a healthier life-style.
  • Enhance their reputation by maintaining good hygiene practices and offering healthy options to their customers.

How can I get an award?

If you are eligible to apply for this award you will be contacted by letter over the next 12 to 18 months. To qualify you must already hold a food hygiene award to at least the bronze level, as good hygiene practices are a pre-requisite for any healthy eating.

When your assessment is complete your overall score determines if an award can be granted and whether it is at bronze, silver or gold level. This is then valid for two years and it is possible to move to higher awards after that time.

Premises with a Healthy Options Award

  • Perellis, Town Hill, Wrexham - Silver
  • Waterworld Cafe - Silver
  • Stockwell cafe, Stockwell Grove, Wrexham - Silver
  • Baxterstory Staff Canteen, Kellogg's, Wrexham Industrial Estate - Silver
  • Spuds Galore, mobile food trader - Silver

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