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Food Hygiene Inspections

The food safety section are responsible for carrying out regular food hygiene inspections of all food premises in the Wrexham County Borough area. There are over 1250 food business in the area.

The purpose of these inspections is to ensure that food premises are complying with current food hygiene requirements.

Inspections are carried out by either an Environmental Health Officer or Food Safety Officers who are qualified and authorised to carry out inspections.

The inspection involves assessing compliance in the following areas :

Food Hygiene & Safety

How hygienically food is handled and prepared, food hygiene training


Condition of the structure, repair, lighting, ventilation, pest – proofing, cleanliness

Confidence in Management

Evidence of food safety management systems, history of compliance, general attitude of management.

Where breaches in the regulations are identified then the officer will take action in accordance with the local authorities enforcement policy.