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Public Health

The Public Health service aims to protect the public from nuisances and risks to health arising from irresponsible dog ownership, pest infestations, anti-social behaviour and recreational water.

Pest Control

From the 1st April 2015 the pest control service will cease to all non-Council owned premises and to facilitate this no new pest control jobs are being taken from Monday 23rd March 2015

Dog Warden Service

Report a Dog Problem

Almost 700 stray dogs are seized by the Dog Warden Service annually. This is a statutory function which aims to reduce the problems from stray dogs such as fouling, biting and road accidents. Please see further information on Dog Fouling >>

Please also see Dog Warden frequently asked questions.

Dangerous Dogs

Please contact the Police on 101.

Environmental Enforcement Officers

Environmental Enforcement Officers are employed to reduce the extent of dog fouling, littering and anti-social behaviour in public places. This is achieved through a combination of education campaigns and enforcement patrols. Please see further information on Amenity Wardens.

Statutory Nuisance

Report a Problem with Noise/Pollution

The section investigates complaints of noise, smells, smoke and accumulations such as refuse which are causing a nuisance or are prejudicial to health. Around 1200 complaints of this type are investigated each year.

Please also see Noise and Pollution Control frequently asked questions.

Drainage Problems

Advice is available on the responsibilities for dealing with defective or blocked private drains, private sewers or septic tanks. Where neighbours or other parties are unwilling to co-operate to resolve the problem amongst themselves, the Section can serve notices obliging those responsible to take remedial action.

Please also see Drainage frequently asked questions.

Private Water Supplies

There are in the region of 300 private water supplies in the County Borough. The Section is responsible for sampling the supplies to check on their safety for consumption and taking action to make sure they are fit to drink.