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Which Day is my Bin Collection Day?

Welcome to the page where you can find out your bin day, whether you are a Wrexham resident or a commercial waste customer of Wrexham County Borough Council.

We collect the green recycling box and blue recycling bag on a weekly basis from all Wrexham homes. Household waste from your black or blue wheelie bin is collected one week and food and garden waste from your green wheelie bin is collected the following week.

Industrial Action 14 October 2014 - Changes to your Waste Collections

The results will be displayed on a map, and indicate which day of the week your bins and recycling containers are emptied (see key below).

Key to your bin collection day

Green = Monday

Blue = Tuesday

Pink = Wednesday

Cyan = Thursday

Red = Friday.

Which Calendar?

To find out which calendar applies to you, you will need to click onto your property using the Get Information tool , from the tool bar (located above the map). The details of your collection day, and which calendar applies will be displayed to the side of the map. Further instructions are available by clicking on the help tab.

Wrexham operates an alternate weekly collection of garden waste (in green bins) and residual waste (in black, blue or maroon bins).

The calendars show which week is residual waste week (shown on the calendar in pink) and which week is garden waste collection week (shown in green).