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Food Waste - Frequently Asked Questions

My kerbside caddy has broken or been damaged, can I have a new one?

Yes. Any damaged or broken caddies can be replaced free of charge. Just ring the Contact Center on 01978 298989 to ask for a replacement caddy. .

I already compost all my food waste using a compost bin?

Then please continue to do this. This is a really environmentally friendly way of dealing with your raw food waste and peelings. However, the new green bin collections allow for other food items that would not normally be home composted such as cooked food and meat to be collected and composted in an in-vessel composting unit.

I have got maggots in my kerbside caddy, how do I get rid of them?

Never leave food waste uncovered especially in warm weather as it will attract flies that can lay eggs on the food before it goes into the caddy. Most of the maggots will be removed once the caddy is emptied. Any remaining maggots and fly eggs can be killed by carefully pouring boiling water into the caddy once it has been emptied. Using a mild detergent with a fragrance will also help to keep flies away from your bin. Please ensure all food waste is contained within a compostable liner as this will stop flies laying their eggs in decomposing food waste.

What food waste can I put in my kerbside caddy?

Any unwanted uneaten food waste which might include food past its use by date, mouldy food, leftovers from meals, non-edible food such as fish bones, fruit and vegetable peelings. Please see the detailed list below:

Fruit & veg - raw & cooked Plastic bags
Meat & fish - raw & cooked Glass
Bones & egg shells Cans
Rice, pasta, cereal & noodles Paper
Bread, cakes, pastries & biscuits Plastic bottles
Tea bags & coffee grounds Pet litter
Cheese, eggs & yoghurts Cooking oil
Beans, nuts, pulses & seeds Foil
Uneaten food from your plate Glossy cardboard packaging
Brown corrugated cardboard Plastic Packaging

Will a bin cleaning service be provided by the Council?

No. But bin cleaning companies can be found in the local phone directory.

When will my food waste be collected?

Your kerbside caddy is collected on a weekly basis on your normal collection day, so just check your collection calendar for your collection day.