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Wrexham County Borough Council is keen to help reduce the 8 million disposable nappies that are buried in landfill sites each day throughout the UK. The council is in the process of initiating an awareness campaign of Real Nappies to be delivered throughout Wrexham.

Many people don't realise that reusable nappies have come along way since the time of terry towels and safety pins. There is now an extensive range of cotton nappies, wraps and liners available to parents depending on their baby's age and size, obtainable for the premature baby through to the over active toddlers.

Pre-folds, shaped and all-in-ones are all available in addition to the traditional terries depending on the specific needs and time existing to parents living in a modern world.

These sophisticated real nappies and wraps are held in place using Velcro, press-studs, ties or an easy to use three-way grip known as a Nappi Nippa all offering an alternative to safety pins. The nappies and wraps themselves range from the traditional white to nursery-rhyme scenes and even leopard skin prints. Many of the outer waterproof wraps have cotton bonded on the inside creating a comfortable and breathable environment keeping the nappy cooler. Biodegradable nappy liners are the only disposable part of the process, which are placed inside the nappy and flushed down the toilet once a nappy has been soiled. However, for individuals who are extremely keen there are even washable liners that help to reduce nappy associated waste even more.

It is often not realised that on average a massive £500 can be saved if parents decide to use real nappies instead of disposable nappies and the savings increase the more baby's that use the nappies as a family expands.

It's time for a Real Change

Real Nappies are Cute, Cool and Comfy – why choose anything else?

More and more parents are making the switch to real nappies as they realise not only can they cut their families waste in half but they can also save themselves £100's of pounds in the process!

There is a perception that real nappies are 'hard work', but they needn't be. With today's modern designs, washing machines and the use of flushable liners, using real nappies couldn't be easier. Many fasten with poppers, or Velcro, and can be washed along with your baby's clothes, or if kept separate washed at 60°c (on average twice a week). There is no need to soak, or boil wash.

Did You Know?

Real Nappies

Wrexham Council's Real Nappy Loan Scheme

You can now borrow a real nappy kit to try cotton nappies in the comfort of your own home before deciding which style to buy. Wrexham Council have 10 Real Nappy kits in which you can trial for 4 weeks.

For more information please contact the Waste Strategy Team on 01978 298989 for more details.

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Credit Union Schemes

Real nappies will save you money in the long run but it is money up front, a great way of avoiding this up front cost is to borrow from your local credit union. They supply low cost loans for any purpose and it's a great way of buying all the real nappies you need without breaking the bank. Loans are repaid weekly or monthly whatever suits you best.

For more details please contact North Wales Credit Union , 1 North Arcade, Chester Street, Wrexham, Wales, LL13 8BB. 01978 266843 or visit www.northwalescu.co.uk.

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