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Water Butts

A water butt is a big bonus for the garden and could help you collect up to 5,000 litres of rainwater a year. To get the best use out of the water butt you should site the butt next to a suitable downpipe and once you've installed the diverter, you'll be amazed how much rainwater you can collect. Acid-loving and pot plants particularly like rainwater. Water Butts can also contribute towards reducing surface water flooding. Please refer to flooding webpage for more information.

Using the water out of the water butt instead of treated drinking water is better for your garden, its wildlife and the environment.

Water butts are available from the Environment Department. They are green with a black lid and have a capacity of 190 litres. It has a child resistant lid and are made from recycled plastic. The water butt comes complete with a rain saver kit and discharge tap.

To allow us to deal with your request, please select the required Water Butt.

The following types of Water Butt are available:

Please select from:
WB1 Water Butt (190 litres) £40.60 including delivery and vat Select WB1

Please note that Water Butts can ONLY be delivered to addresses within Wrexham County Borough.

Payment for Water Butts should be made in advance online.