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Online Syringes / SHARPS Reporting Form

If you find a syringe:

This form is for reporting Syringe / SHARPS issues only. If you would rather make an enquiry or suggestion, please do so using the website feedback form.

We will remove sharp objects/needles on Council land (including Housing land, Children's Play Areas and Car Parks) within 2 hours.

We will contact owners of private open land to request that sharps are removed and, if they are not, take enforcement action against the land owner where possible.

Where we have been unable to remove the sharps or trace the owner of the land , we will inform you of what is happening within 5 working days

Please complete the sections below by entering information into the appropriate boxes, and press the SUBMIT button to send your information.

The areas marked by * are mandatory, and must be completed. We ask you to complete these areas so that we can contact you if we are unable to process your request or if the information supplied is not clear or complete.

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