Fireworks - Wrexham's Good Neighbour Code

Working with you to create a safer Halloween and Bonfire Night

Wrexham Community Safety Partnership is keen for people to continue enjoying fireworks and has developed a Good Neighbour Code to help prevent displays affecting the enjoyment of other residents.

Good Neighbour Code

Firework fun with a conscience

  • Be considerate of others. Remember, firework noise may cause a lot of distress to neighbours, especially the visually impaired and their guide dogs, the elderly, shift workers and those with young children.
  • Try to attend an organised display, as they are safer and more spectacular than having a garden party - there will be many around Bonfire night.
  • Make sure you buy fireworks that have a visual, rather than a noisy effect to reduce noise disturbance.
  • Firework noise is never localised. Warn as many neighbours as possible in advance so that they have an opportunity to make arrangements for nervous pets, children etc. Pay particular attention to any vulnerable neighbours such as the blind, visually impaired or elderly.
  • Finish your firework display before 11pm. The exceptions to this rule are Diwali, Chinese New Year, New Year’s Eve when displays are permitted up to 1.00am, and November 5th when displays are permitted up to midnight.
  • Be safe. Never let fireworks off in the street. It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to possess fireworks in a public place.
  • Always buy from a reputable source and ensure fireworks are labelled with the British Standard BS7114 or CE Mark.
  • Buy fireworks that are suitable for the size of your garden. In most cases this will be a Category 2 firework only.
  • If you have any concerns about the illegal storage or sale of fireworks in your area, particularly to young people, let us know.

Always follow the firework safety code

Advice on firework safety is available from:

Wrexham County Borough Council, Public Protection Service, Trading Standards Division, High Street, Ruabon, Wrexham LL14 6NH

Tel: 01978 292045

Fireworks - Wrexham's Good Neighbour Code

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