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Processes within Wrexham County Borough Council

Industrial process’ fall under one of three classifications, which is based on their potential to pollute the environment. The map below shows details of all the processes regulated by Wrexham County Borough Council.

Part A1 Process

Part A1 Processes are regulated by Natural Resources Wales and are defined as processes that have the potential to pollute water, land and air.

Part A2 Process

Part A2 Processes have a reduced potential to pollute than a Part A1 process and are regulated by Wrexham County Borough Council. The operating permit for these installations contain conditions relating to emissions to air, land and water.

Part B Process

Part B Processes are those with a potential for polluting and only to air. These processes are also regulated by Wrexham County Borough Council.

Public Registers

The Council maintains a public register of information concerning the installations listed below. To ensure an officer is available to assist you in an inquiry regarding viewing the public register please make an appointment on 01978 298989.

To view the Part A1 process public register you should contact Natural Resources Wales (external link).