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Sustainable Development

Please also further information about Sustainable Development and information about Environmental Issues and Carbon Reduction.

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What is Sustainable Development?

Sustainable Development means that by looking at social, economic and environmental issues together we can improve our quality of life, and make sure that generations to come can enjoy living in the county borough.

These are some of the issues which affect the quality of where we live:

  • local and world-wide environmental problems

  • traffic and noise

  • getting young people involved

  • litter, recycling and waste management

  • air and water pollution

  • saving resources such as minerals, energy and water

  • the biodiversity of life in Wrexham

  • health and well being

  • local economic prosperity

These issues concern everyone. Your involvement is therefore necessary.

For further information contact the Wrexham Sustainable Development team on 01978 292255 or e-mail:

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