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Frequently Asked Questions - Animals

I am concerned about the welfare of an animal, who should I contact?

Generally, the welfare of domestic or wild animals who are suffering from cruelty or neglect is dealt with by the RSPCA. However, they are a charity and they have no statutory functions. They can be contacted on 0870 55 55 999. The welfare of livestock or farm animals is the concern of the Animal Health service, part of the Trading Standards division of the Public Protection Department of the Council. This section can be contacted on 01978 292045, email: environmental@wrexham.gov.uk or by completing the online enquiry form. The Dog Warden Service is only able to deal with the welfare of dogs which are roaming public places, the service can be contacted on 01978 298989 or email: contact-us@wrexham.gov.uk or by completing the online enquiry form.

I am unable to keep my dog any longer - will the Dog Warden Service re-home it for me?

The role of the Dog Warden Service is to collect stray dogs, these are dogs found roaming public places or on land not owned or occupied by the dog's owner. The service aims to prevent the nuisance caused by stray dogs such as biting, fouling, unwanted breeding and vehicle accidents. The Dog Warden Service is unable to re-home your dog. You can either try to advertise your dog for re-homing to a good home, or you can approach a dog rescue home to see if they can re-home your dog. These are advertised in the business telephone directory or you can contact the RSPCA on 0870 55 55 999. You may be asked to make a donation.

I provide horse-riding lessons - do I need a licence?

If you are providing horse-riding lessons to members of the public, you will need a "Riding Establishments Licence". In which case you will need to complete an application for a licence and your premises and horses will be inspected by a vet and an officer from the Public Protection Department. The licences run from the 1st January each year and cost £185.00 which includes veterinary surgeons charge. If you apply mid-year, your licence will only run until the 31st December and you will be asked to apply on an annual basis thereafter. It is illegal to run such an establishment without a licence. For more information contact the Public Protection Department on 01978 292040, email: environmental@wrexham.gov.uk.