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Frequently Asked Questions - Education & Schools

General Education & Schools

Does the LEA provide financial assistance for Nursery Education, ie Nursery Vouchers?

There is no financial assistance available in Wales for nursery vouchers. Wales has a different funding strategy to that in England. Nursery Education is provided in five x half day session in schools within the County Borough. There are places available, within the maintained sector, for all children of nursery school age.

How do I find out how well a school is doing?

In Wales Primary School Performance tables are not published for individual schools. You will need to contact the school directly for this information.

Search the Online Schools Database for contact information.

School Inspection Reports are available on Estyn's website. Estyn is Her Majesty's Inspectorate For Education and Training in Wales.

What is an admission number?

This is the number of children that can be admitted to each year group during the school year.

How do I find out School Holiday Dates?

Please check on school information page for individual schools for variations to the set dates.

Can you send me a School List?

To request a School list you can email education@wrexham.gov.uk, or complete the online enquiry form. We will send you a list in the post free of charge.

To view school information online please search the Online Schools Database.

How can I find out about Welsh Schools?

You can find information about Welsh Schools using the Online Schools Database.

How to make a complaint?

For all complaints other than school matters please contact the appropriate Service Support Officer at 16 Lord Street.

If your complaint relates to a specific school, please contact the headteacher at that school.

How do I find out about School Inspection (Estyn) Reports?

Estyn is Her Majesty's Inspectorate For Education and Training in Wales.

Inspection Reports are available electronically on Estyn's website, plus are also available from the school or in your local Library.

Inspection Reports for English Schools are published on the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF), formerly DFES, Web Site

How do I claim Free School Meals for my child(ren) and what are the qualifying criteria?

Free School Meals are now granted annually at the beginning of each school year. Application forms are distributed to all schools during the last few weeks of Summer term.

All applications should be returned to:

Contact Wrexham,
16 Lord Street
LL11 1LG.

Written proof of qualifying benefits/allowances must be attached and verified by a member of the Support Services team. For details of qualifying criteria of benefits/allowances please contact Support Services on 01978 297407.

View information about free school meals on this website.

My child has special dietary needs, can these be accommodated?

Most dietary needs can be accommodated to some degree but should you want to discuss a particular need please contact the School Catering Section on 01978 297407.

I have a query on the content of the school menu, can you give me some details?

All menu's can be supplied upon request from the School Catering Section on 01978 297407. Alternatively Parents may want to arrange a meeting with the Head Cook at their child's school or indeed with the Catering Manager to discuss any specific query regarding the menu options.

Where do you source your catering supplies from?

Suppliers have to complete a rigorous tendering process to win any contract to supply catering products and consumables. Cost and quality are always the major factors in awarding a contract but other issues such as locality, origin, Fair Trade etc. will all be considered before a contract is awarded.

What are the health and nutritional content of school meals and do they meet national standards?

All menu's are prepared and analysed in conjunction with National Government Nutritional guidelines. We are constantly improving the nutritional content of school meals and are committed to providing a complete and varied menu to all children within our schools.

My child attends a school with a 'Cashless' payment system, could you please explain how this works?

We have an detailed information sheet for all users of the Cashless System which can be obtained by all parents, guardians or pupils on request.

Please contact the School Catering Section on 01978 297407 for a copy.

How does my child qualify for free school transport?

The County Borough will provide free school transport where a child under 8 years of age resides more than 2 miles from the nearest school or where a child over 8 years resides more than 3 miles from the nearest school or where the route to school is deemed hazardous. Transport may also be provided for some SEN pupils following assessment by the Pincipal Statementing Officer.

My child has been refused free school transport, I would like to appeal against this decision. How do I go about this?

Any appeal must be made in writing stating the reasons addressed to:

Andy Lewis
Head of Housing, Public Protection and Environment
Environment Department,
Wrexham County Borough Council,
Abbey Road South,
Wrexham Industrial Estate,
Wrexham, LL13 9PW

Education Social Work

My child does not want to attend school due to bullying. What shall I do?

  1. Make an appointment to see the Head Teacher. Give the school full details of the alleged bullying/bullies. Make sure you understand what action the school will be taking, and why. Keep in touch with the school. Ask to see a copy of the school's Anti-Bulling Policy.
  2. Useful anti-bullying information is available from Welsh Assembly Government Document "Respect Others: Anti-Bullying Guidance".

My child is absent from school because he/she has an infestation of head lice.

Children cannot be excluded from school due to head lice and may return to school immediately after treatment. Further advice may be obtained from the School Nurse Service. Children may not be withdrawn from school due to fellow pupils having head lice.

What will happen to me if a Truancy Patrol stops me if I am out with my child(ren) during school hours?

You must give your name and address to the Police Officer and Education Social Worker/Education Support Officer or you could be arrested. Your details will be recorded by the Education Social Work Service and your child's(rens) school(s) will be informed.

What will happen to my child if a Truancy Patrol stops him/her during school hours?

Your child will be returned to school by the Police/Education Social Worker/Education Support Officer. If your child has been returned to school, the school will inform you.

If my child is refusing to attend school, will an Education Social Worker/Education Support Officer call and take him/her to school?

No. This is a parental responsibility. Parents should consult the child's school and/or Education Social Worker/Education Support Officer for advice.

Will I be taken to Court if my child is not attending school?

The Local Education Authority has a duty to take legal action against parents/carers whose child(ren) do not attend school other than for a legitimate reason. Legal action may take the form of

  1. prosecution in the Magistrates' Court where, if convicted, disposals include a range of fines up to £2,500.00. Parenting Order or Community Sentences are and in some cases imprisonment depending on the circumstance;
  2. an application to the Family Court for an Education Supervision on your child in accordance with the Children Act 1989

How can I obtain counselling for my child?

First consult your child's school. Some schools have an in-school counselling service. If counselling is not available in school, you should consult your family doctor.

My child wants to start a part-time job.

Young people who have reached the age of 13 years are permitted to work for a limited number of hours in certain occupations. The number of working hours may be increased once a young person reaches 15 years of age. Every young person who wishes to work must obtain a Work Permit from the Local Authority. Application forms are available from the Employment of School Children Officer as well as Performance Licences. This is part of the Education Social Work Services based at Children & Young People Services, 16 Lord Street, Wrexham LL11 1LG.