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Frequently Asked Questions - Highways

Why has my street light not been fixed?

The agreement is for our contractor to attend faults within 5 working days of report. In addition we have a target to repair 90% of faults on the first visit, but because the problem may be on the underground service or the column has been extensively damaged delays do occur. If the fault is below ground the agreement is for fixing within ten working days, although if MANWEB have to become involved this can stretch. If the column has to be replaced then the contractor has 30 working days to complete the work.

Can the street lighting in my area be improved?

Highways maintenance does not have funding for street lighting improvements. However, we do look at changing lanterns to improve lighting and we will consider erecting occasional new columns if we decide that distances between lights is particularly excessive and the cost of providing additional lighting is reasonable.

Can street lighting be provided in an area where currently no street lighting exists?

New street lighting and improvement schemes that do take place are normally funded by special grants and although highways maintenance may be involved in the design they are not normally involved in the funding.

When are you going to fill the potholes in my road?

We aim to fill dangerous potholes (more that 20mm deep on footways and 40mm deep on roads) within 24 hours. We aim to fill all other potholes within 3 working days. The winter and particularly periods of freezing and salting tends to accelerate damage to roads and we struggle to meet these targets at such times.

When are you going to resurface/reconstruct my road/footway. It hasn't been touched for the last forty years?

Although in recent years we have made great strides in resurfacing roads and footways there is still a great deal of work to be done. We carry out treatment on the basis of need and as we do not have sufficient funds to meet demand we have to prioritise. Details regarding future road and footway improvement programmes can be obtained from the Highways Planned Maintenance Section at Ruthin Road, Wrexham Tel. 01978 298989.

Is there any planning with regard to all the roadworks in Wrexham?

Regular meeting are held between the Transportation and Asset Management Department and Public Utilities to plan and co-ordinate roadworks. These meetings establish programmes with detail being added as the work start dates are approached. The problems in Wrexham have been caused by the high level of utility and highway upgrades over a comparatively short period, with programmes dictated by funding conditions and targets set by industry regulators. Residents of Wrexham are already seeing the benefits of these improvements and it is anticipated that the situation should progressively improve.

There's a problem with a path I use. Who do I contact?

If the path is unsurfaced and rural in character, it may be a recorded public right of way, so telephone Public Rights of Way Section on 01978 292057; e-mail rightsofway@wrexham.gov.uk.

If, however, the path is a footway or "pavement" alongside a road, or a link footpath within a housing estate (i.e. most sealed surface paths), please telephone Highways Maintenance Division on 01978 298989.