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Frequently Asked Questions - Public Transport in Wrexham

How can I find out information on local bus services in Wrexham?

How can I find out information on Coach services?

Telephone: National Express 08717 818181

Additional information is available on the National Express website (link to external website)

How can I find train times?

Telephone: National Rail Enquiries on 03457 48 49 50 (Welsh 0345 60 40 500)

How do I make a suggestion about the bus service?

Please contact the County Borough Council 01978 297131 or email contact-us@wrexham.gov.uk

How can I make a complaint about the bus service?

You need to contact the operator concerned. For Arriva Services – advise Customer to contact Arriva Customer Services on 0344 800 4411

If you are not satisfied with your complaint, write to the Bus Appeals Body, PO Box 320, Portsmouth PO5 3SD. See the Complaints Procedure at http://www.bususers.org/complain.htm (link to external website).

To whom should I speak about lost property?

You need to contact the operator concerned.

Who is entitled to Free Travel?

Passes for Concessionary Free Bus Travel are available for residents of the Wrexham County Borough area who are either aged over sixty or with certain categories of disability. Further Details and an application form are available on this website.

Alternatively, contact Concessionary Travel on 01978 292037 e-mail contact-us@wrexham.gov.uk

Upon Which Services will Free Travel be Valid?

All registered local bus services.

Free travel will not be available on long distance coaches, rail or community transport services.

There are no specific limits to the use of the free travel concession provided that :

  • (a) they are used on valid services,
  • (b) the pass holder complies with the conditions of use of the scheme,
  • (c) the journey starts or finishes in Wales.

Are there any Time Limits when Free Travel is not Valid?

No. The pass may be used at any time on any day of the week.

What will I need to Travel for Free?

A bus pass issued by a local council. This will be credit card sized and will carry your name and photograph. Please note that passes are not issued straight away and are posted to you following processing.

Is there a Charge for the Pass?

No. However, there is a £5 charge for replacing any lost, stolen or damaged cards.

How do I Apply?

Application forms are available from most Council Offices or telephone 01978 297131 or by email contact-us@wrexham.gov.uk. You can also download the necessary forms from this website. You will need to provide a recent passport size photograph, proof of residence and entitlement.

In person: Contact Wrexham 16 Lord Street, Wrexham