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Ancient Wisdom

'Hands on' History, Science and Engineering Exhibition Opens at Wrexham Musuem - In association with Science Project Ltd

If you like puzzles and challenges, science and engineering, and experiments then Wrexham Museum’s summer exhibition will appeal to you.

Wrexham Museum is hosting Ancient Wisdom, a ‘hands-on’ exhibition for adults and children on the technological achievements of the ancient world. Those Ancient Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Sumerians and Babylonians had some great thinkers and inventors and in this exhibition you will be able to try out their inventions for yourself.

The exhibition’s interactives include: Archimedes’ Screw, catapult & siege engines, aqueducts and arches, Roman signals, Egyptian locks and many more challenges. The exhibition is designed for families with children, but adults can just as easily enjoy the activities.

The exhibition opens on Saturday, 22nd July 2017 and admission is free. The show is on until September 2nd 2017.

For more information, telephone 01978 297 460 or see the museum’s facebook page.

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