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Brymbo Man - Key Facts

Brymbo Man

Age: 35
Date of Birth: about 1635BC
Address: nr Bryn-y-ffynnon, now known as Cheshire View
Nationality: not applicable
Height: 5'8" / 173cm
Hair: Brown
Build: Strong/Stocky Athletic/Muscley
Distinguishing Features: Arrow wound above hairline
Qualifications: Basic Farming (crops & animal husbandry); Flint knapper; Survival skills; Herbal medicine
Occupation: Farmer, Hunter and Fighter
Hobbies: Working with skins, bone and horn; storytelling
Beliefs: In the afterlife and in the new Bronze Age ideas from the south-east
Ambitions: Learn how to work bronze
Favourite possessions: Beaker and best flint knife