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John Wilkinson & Brymbo Steelworks

Brymbo was the location of a nationally important steelworks that was at the heart of a community until its closure in 1990. This online exhibition tells the story of steel, the steelworks, and the men and women who worked there.

The exhibition went on permanent display in the Brymbo Room at Bersham Heritage Centre in May 2008.

New Foreman

I was in charge of the open hearth furnace at Brymbo Steelworks. I’ll explain how we made steel in 1900.

Peter Williams

I am Peter Williams. I was here when we first started to make steel. I’ll explain the basics so pay attention!

Mill Manager

I managed the rolling mills at Brymbo. It was important work. It looks complicated but I’ll let you in on our secrets.

Tea Lady

I worked in the rolling mill and later in the canteen. I knew everyone at Brymbo and what they did.


Thank you to the following for their help:
Colin Davies, Reg Parry, Walter Salisbury, Raymond Hughes, Wrexham Archives & Local Studies, Bark Design, Mako-CS