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Who Built The Aqueduct?

Historians continue to debate the question: who was the brains behind Pontcysyllte aqueduct?  There were many people involved in its design and construction.

Thomas Telford

Thomas Telford ©National Portrait Gallery

William Jessop

William Jessop ©National Portrait Gallery

William Hazeldine

William Hazeldine ©National Portrait Gallery

William Turner

"His engagement to extend to all architecture and engineering business to the drawing, forming and directing the making of bridges, aqueducts, tunnels, locks, buildings, reservoirs, wharfs and other works"

Thomas Telford’s job description. Minutes of the Ellesmere Canal Co., 23rd September 1793

"I, Thomas Telford, would like to thank William Jessop, the engineer; Wiilliam Hazeldine, the ironmaster; and William Turner, surveyor, for their hard work in building my aqueduct."