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Sizing Up The Market

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Sizing Up The Market

This session takes you through the market research process, helps you identify the questions you need answers to, explains where to get information and which techniques to use, and shows you how to use your findings to make better decisions. By the end of this module you will: •Understand why market research is so important •Be clear what market research you need to do •Know where to find information and which techniques to use •Know the market and your competitors •Understand your customers •Be able to undertake your own market research

Venue: Gladstone's Library, Deeside, CH5 3DF
Date: 28/06/2017
Time: 09:30 - 12:30

This is event is suitable for 16+

Contact Business Wales on or email

Ticket Booking Website: https://wales.business-events.org.uk/en/bookbasketitem/34484/ (external link)

Ticket Price: Free

Date event submitted: 21 April 2017 | Link to this event: www.wrexham.gov.uk/english/leisure_tourism/WhatsOnAction.cfm?Event_ID=10885

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