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Discover Your True Potential

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Discover Your True Potential

Do you get out of bed with a spring in your step or does the thought of getting up for work fill you with dread? Or perhaps you want to springboard your career but you feeling you’re being overlooked? It could be it's because you're not working to your full potential? When you're not working to your strengths you can end up feeling demoralised, undervalued and struggle to become motivated and excited about work. Through knowing and understanding your real strengths you can turn this feeling around. Using Strengthscope, the most comprehensive and innovative cloud-based strengths profiling system to energise peak performance, you will discover your true strengths and hidden talents. Before the workshop you'll be asked to complete your own Strengthscope profile that will give you a comprehensive view of your top seven strengths as well as your 'bubbling under' strengths, those strengths that can rise to the surface with some encouragement and support. During the workshop you will learn to understand how your top seven strengths can energise you into becoming the person at work you've always wanted to be. You'll learn how to work to your strengths and how to keep on top of your game. You'll also learn what happens when your strengths go into overdrive and how it can turn strengths into debilitating weaknesses. You'll begin to understand how working with others who have different strengths to you can make you an invincible team. During the workshop you'll be looking at your strengths in more detail, learning how to use them to best effect as well as creating a practical plan to help you move forward. Strengthscope is the most comprehensive and innovative cloud-based strengths profiling system to energize peak performance at work. It is also the only strengths assessment to have achieved Registered Test Status with the UK’s British Psychological Society.

Venue: Springfield Hotel and Health Club, A55, CH8 8BA
Date: 27/09/2018
Time: 09:30 – 16:00

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Ticket Booking Website: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/discover-your-true-potential-tickets-46105457665 (external link)

Ticket Price: £175 – £195

Date event submitted: 20 June 2018 | Link to this event: www.wrexham.gov.uk/english/leisure_tourism/WhatsOnAction.cfm?Event_ID=11831

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