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Volunteers – 5 Year Survey

Inspection once every 5 years of a networks of paths in a community.

Every 5 years the Public Rights of Way team must carry out a public liability insurance survey of each path in Wrexham. A basic survey involves walking the line of the path and noting any dangers found. However, if you have the time and patience, a more detailed survey would be much appreciated. This includes noting dangers and obstructions, as well as detailing furniture such as stiles, gates etc and the condition they are in. Also noting the condition of the path, i.e. boggy area, cropped or ploughed. In doing this it helps us build up a digital mapping system containing details of each path so that we can monitor and maintain Wrexham’s Public Rights of Way.

Send us your photos!

Email your favourite digital photos for inclusion on the website. We are always looking for pictures of voluntary work being carried out, before and after pictures, or pictures of you enjoying yourself on Wrexham’s footpaths. Your name will be credited to the pictures and be sure to include where the picture was taken! See the disclaimer. Send to rightsofway@wrexham.gov.uk.

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