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Hello World - Visitor's Guide

Hello. It's good to meet you.

Because this is the start of a special conversation. Between you and Wrexham.

Maybe you’re learning about the county borough for the first time. Thinking of visiting or studying here. Or setting up a business.

Maybe you’ve lived here for a long time and know what Wrexham is about. Or just need a little reminder.

It doesn’t matter. The message is simple. Wrexham is a great place to be. A place where you (and the people you love) can live, work and play.

Somewhere you can dream your dreams, be creative, do your thing.

So turn this page and learn about the things that make life good.

And when you’ve finished? Grab your smart phone. Pick up your tablet. Turn on your PC. Then follow, tweet, like.

And if you’re not into apps, facebooking, tweeting or receiving e-blasts, just pick up the phone. We love that too.

Talk to us. Because Wrexham is saying ‘hello’.

To order your copy, either fill in the request form, or contact Wrexham Tourist Information Centre on 01978 292015, email: tic@wrexham.gov.uk. If you live in Wrexham, why not pop into the TIC and pick up a copy next time you are in town? The TIC is open Monday to Saturday 10am until 5pm.

For further information contact 01978 292489.