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Objectives of 5x60

The 5x60 programme has a variety of aims and long term goals that are identified, these are:

What is 5x60?

The 5x60 programme is a new initiative introduced throughout Wales. There are around 30 officers working in secondary schools. Ysgol Clywedog is currently the only school in Wrexham that has an officer, however in 2007, up to five more officers will come into post.

Only 24% of secondary age children participate in 5x60mins of physical activity a week. It has been highlighted that children who progress from Dragon Sport into year 7 lack opportunities to continue extra-curricular activity.

Clearly from the charts and table below, it is evident that there is an identifiable decrease in physical activity during the transition from Dragon Sport to secondary school participation, this is where 5x60 comes in.

  5 days+ 3-4 days 1-2 days inactive
7-11 year olds 41% 25% 22% 12%
11-16 Year Olds 24% 24% 28% 24%

In Summary?

The initiative is partly funded by the Welsh Assembly Government which allows the appointment of a part-time post ‘5x60 officer’. The officer in post will be responsible for increasing the number of children taking part in extra curricular sport and physical activity on a regular basis. In doing so, the children contribute to achieving the Welsh Assembly Government’s target of 90% children taking part in regular and frequent activity by 2020.

The programme will be diverse in order to provide a balance of:

Competitive/formal sporting opportunities through a national framework of structured week-night and weekend intra-school or inter house competitions; Coaching sessions in many different sports and Recreational/informal opportunities. The 5x60 officer will also provide a wider range, and greater variety of opportunities through the inclusion of activities such as dance, aerobics, walking and cycling. Therefore enhancing the current programme offered by the PE department.

The 5x60 officer is currently planning, co-ordinating and implementing the recommended 5x60 initiative. This entails 60 minutes of activity, 5 times a week. Volunteers, teachers, parents and coaches will all be utilised and recruited to maximise the opportunity of extra curricular sport for the pupils of Ysgol Clywedog. This programme will work towards the provision of sustainable lifelong participation through links with community partners and attempt to use innovative ways of promoting activities to children who do not normally participate in sport and physical activity.

As this programme is a three year initiative, all other secondary schools will have the opportunity to join the 5x60 scheme at some point during the next three years. Finally, Sports Council for Wales and the Welsh Assembly Government aim to have a 5x60 officer in 85% of secondary schools by 2009.

If anyone is interested in volunteering in relation to coaching or requires further information, please contact the 5x60 officer.