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Dragon Sport

Dragon Sport provides children of primary school age with fun and appropriate sporting opportunities.

Dragon Sport is a Sports Council for Wales initiative and is funded by the lottery. It has been developed in partnership with national governing bodies, the British Association of Advisors and Lecturers in PE (BAALPE) Wales, the Youth Sport Trust and local authorities.

Dragon Sport increases participation in partnership with communities and volunteers.

Sports Council for Wales

The Sports Council for Wales is the national organisation responsible for developing and promoting sport and recreation in Wales. The council's main aims are:

The Scheme

The Dragon Sport scheme intends to broaden the sporting interests of children who already take part in particular sports and involve children who currently lack such opportunities outside school PE lessons. Dragon Sport will introduce children to sports coaching, skill development and appropriate competition using versions of the adult game modified to meet their needs and skill levels.

FAIR PLAY and INCLUSIVE activities are promoted and constantly reinforced through all materials and training packages associated with the programme. Above all, children taking part should have FUN.

Dragon Sport Aims


Focus Sports

The following seven "focus sports" will initially be included in Dragon Sport: ATHLETICS, CRICKET, FOOTBALL, HOCKEY, NETBALL, RUGBY, GOLF and TENNIS. These have been selected first as sports that will be familiar to volunteers and help children develop the basic motor skills (such as movement and co-ordination) required for all sports. They can easily be delivered safely, and there is good access to equipment and facilities.

Dragon Sport:

Delivery by schools and the community.

Dragon Sport can easily be delivered by volunteers. Dragon Sport Co-ordinators provide step-by-step advice and training to help schools, sports clubs and volunteers deliver Dragon Sport. This help is offered to schools and clubs through a rolling programme, agreed in partnership with local authorities, PE advisors, national governing bodies of sport, schools and other local sporting providers. Dragon Sport may also be delivered by leisure centres, youth groups, voluntary and uniformed organisations.


Current Dragon Sport volunteers have commented on the enjoyment and satisfaction they get from seeing children learning new skills and having fun. Many of the volunteers have also become qualified coaches and are making a valuable contribution to their communities clubs.

Increasing the number of volunteers in Dragon Sport will enable more children to participate in Dragon Sport clubs. It will also enable parents, teachers, students and other volunteers to obtain training and make a valuable contribution to sport.

Dragon Sport Helpers

Parent, grandparents, students and other volunteers have much to offer children through sport and are strongly encouraged to become involved in Dragon Sport. Dragon Sport Helpers can work alongside a qualified Dragon Sport Organiser, after they have attended a Dragon Sport Organiser Workshop.

What qualifications do you need to become a Dragon Sport Organiser?

Those supervising the activity need to attend a Dragon Sport Organiser Workshop and hold one of the following qualifications:

Most local authorities require organisers to be over 18 years of age if they are to take sole responsibility for a Dragon Sport session.

A list of minimum leader and coach awards is available from your local Dragon Sport Co-ordinator or national governing body.

Equipment Bags

Through the local Dragon Sport Co-ordinator, Dragon Sport Clubs will have access to:

The following equipment bags are currently available:

Fair Play

Dragon Sport is also about helping children to learn that playing fairly makes sport more fun. Dragon Sport helps them learn to co-operate, play as a team, respect others and play by the rules through the players code of conduct. This makes sport more enjoyable for everyone.

Dragon Sport also ensures that volunteers, teachers and parents agree to abide by the Chwarae Teg Code of Conduct. Chwarae Teg is a Sports Council for Wales initiative, that aims:


It is important that all organisations and individuals protect themselves against liability for injury or damage. Organisations should check their insurance cover before conducting Dragon Sport activities. The Sports Council for Wales recommends that organisations conducting Dragon Sport have the following minimum insurance cover:

Please contact your Dragon Sport Co-ordinator or national governing body if you have any questions about insurance for your Dragon Sport Clubs.