Swim Ratio Policy

To comply with National Approved recommendations, Wrexham County Borough has had a policy in place which recognises the need to ensure that children and parents have as safe an environment as possible to swim in. This policy has now been updated and All pools within the Authority comply with the changes which have been in place since 14th February 2009.

The WCBC Policy for swim ratios for parents or guardians with children under 8 years of age are as follows:

Normal Admission:
Children aged 0-4yrs - 1:1 (1 Child to 1 Adult)
Children aged 5, 6 & 7yrs - 2:1 (2 children to 1 Adult)

A suitable adult (16 years of age) must provide supervision.

However, recognising that single parent families and families with younger children may find these ratios difficult to meet, we have developed Parent & Paddler Sessions at each of our pools (see centre timetables for availability), which are specifically designed with additional safety measures, allowing parents to supervise up to two children of any combination of ages from 0 - 7yrs.

Parent & Paddler Sessions:
Children aged 0 - 7yrs -  2:1 (2 children to 1 Adult)

The above policy applies at all times, If you have any queries about the above ratios and how they might effect your visit, please contact your local pool.

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