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Junior Swimming Programme

All junior swimming lessons in Wrexham County Borough are taken by qualified ASA/UKCC Level 2 Swimming Teachers and all swimming lessons are structured around the Welsh Aquatics Pathway, which is outlined below. Swimmers within Waves 1-8 are enrolled within the Swim Wales Aqua Passport scheme, for more details see below.

Wrexham County Borough Council has recently been awarded Swim21 accreditation for both it’s learn to swim programme and school swimming programme.

Welsh Aquatics Pathway

The Pathway takes children from non-swimmer to pre-competition level (Waves 1-8).

The Welsh Aquatics Pathway provides a clear consistency in approach, structure, teaching methods and quality nationally across all participating swimming pools in Wales. It encourages pupils to develop a multi stroke, multi aquatic approach with an emphasis on confidence, competence and FUNdamental skills development approach.

The Pathway comprises a number of different award schemes suitable for swimmers at different levels. Splash for pre school children, Waves 1-8 for children aged 5 years plus and Aquatics Skills 1-5 which cover differ aquatic disciplines such as competitive swimming, water polo, diving and synchronised swimming.

For more information on the Welsh Aquatics Pathway please visit www.swimwales.org   (external link) or www.aquapassport.com

Aqua Passport

Aqua Passport is a new wave in teaching swimming which uses the latest digital technology to keep your child motivated and to enable you to track their progress in the pool. The vision is for today's children to enjoy swimming and water-based activities for the rest of their lives, resulting in healthier nations.

What does Aqua Passport Offer?

For more information visit www.aquapassport.com

Lesson on Offer

Wrexham County Borough Council’s Learn to Swim scheme uses a structured set of lessons to provide a high quality programme giving all children the opportunity to learn to swim in a friendly environment. Lessons take place in twelve week blocks, which allows plenty of time for children to work towards skills required to pass each Wave.

Under 5s

For children under 5 years Wrexham’s Learn to Swim Scheme offers several options from Adult and Child classes (babies and toddlers 4 months– 4 years) to after school lessons (Pre– National Plan and Foundation classes) for children aged 3 - 4 years. All adult and child lessons are completed with parents/guardians accompanying children in the water. Parents/Guardians maybe required in the water for Foundation / Pre National plan classes.

Five Years Plus

Waves 1-7

Waves 1-7 take swimmers from age 5 years plus starting with wave 1 non-swimmer progressing to pre aquatic discipline at Wave 7. Movement from one Wave to another is based on continual assessment, with swimmers needing to achieve all outcomes at each Wave to progress into the next. The length of time it takes for a swimmer to achieve each Wave depends on the swimmer, how fast they learn, how confident they are and how much previous experience they have had in water, please do not expect your child to progress through a Wave per lesson block as it may take some children longer than this to achieve each award. Feedback on your child’s achievements will be provided by two methods firstly via the Aqua Passport website, where parents and swimmers will be able to check their progress after every lessons and secondly through a “parent’s evening” half way through and a full written report identifying all skills attempted and achieved at the end.

On completion of each Wave a certificates can be picked up from reception to reward achievement. This can be stored in the swimmers aqua passport pack! Other awards may also be available to purchase to reward your child’s achievements such as distance badges and stroke technique badges.

Awards / Programmes after Wave 7

On completion of Wave 7 swimmers have a choice of which route to follow. The following awards and programmes are offered in Wrexham:

Please note due to the specific nature of the sessions above not all activities will be offered at each pool. Therefore please contact your local pool to find out which activities are on offer.