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Aim of the volunteer programme

The volunteers programme is designed to encourage participation in local people, by providing as many opportunities as possible. These opportunities are for people of all ages and abilities in a wide range of sports.

The volunteer programme can offer challenging and interesting volunteer opportunities for local people with in sport. Enabling local people to acquire new skills, knowledge and personal development to make a positive impact within our local community. Where we can be seen to be setting a standard for volunteering in Wales.

Volunteering Roles

Volunteering Opportunities

Benefits of Volunteering

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if I have any problems?

You are always welcome to contact the volunteer coordinator, any member of staff within the sports development department or the level 2 coach/Mentor at the session you may be volunteering at.

Do I have to go to my first session on my own?

No, the volunteer coordinator will attend the first session with you. You are never expected to work outside your ability, and there will always be a qualified coach who you will work alongside. If you have any problems the volunteer coordinator will be there to resolve any of the issues for you.

Will I have to run the sessions on my own?

No, there will always be a qualified coach at the session with you. You will never be left alone with the children. If you are ever left in a situation where you are left alone, contact the volunteer’s coordinator to resolve the issue.

What if I want to volunteer in more than one sport?

You are more than welcome to volunteer in more than one sport. Please let the volunteer coordinator know and this can be arranged.

Bronze accreditation 50 Hours
First Aid 6 Hours
Child Protection ( age specific) 3 Hours
Coaching children and & young people 3 Hours
Basic Sport Specific course (leaders) 4 hours
Voluntary Hours 30-40 hours
Silver accreditation 100 Hours
UKCC Level 1 10-32 Hours
Equality in coaching 3 Hours
Basic Ref/umpire Course 5 Hours
Multi-skill club induction 6 Hours
Disability in Sport 6 Hours
Voluntary Hours 50-70 Hours
Gold accreditation 200 Hours
UKCC Level 2 32- 60 Hours
Advanced child Protection 3 Hours
An Introduction to Long Term Athlete Development 3 Hours
An introduction to FUNdamentals of movement 3 Hours
Analysing your coaching 3 Hours
Voluntary Hours 120-160 Hours

Emergency First Aid at Work Courses

Thursday 7th and 14th August

Clywedog Leisure Centre
6.00pm - 9.00pm

Both dates to be attended to complete the course.

Wednesday 12th and 19th November

Clywedog Leisure Centre
6.00pm - 9.00pm

Both dates to be attended to complete the course.

Payment: £65 per person to be made payable to WCBC via a cheque. Addressed to: Coach and Volunteer Co-ordinator.