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Explore Rossett

A guide to historical sites and 5 walks around this riverside village in the Welsh borderlands.

The booklet was produced by Rossett Environmental Community Action Plan (RECAP), Rossett's environmental group. For more information visit Rossett's website at www.rossett.org.uk. RECAP has several hundred copies of the booklet for sale, with profits directed to village improvement initiatives. Before printing it yourself please consider buying the booklet.

Further Information

Please call traveline cymru on 0800 464 0000, text 84268, or visit www.traveline.info.

Send us your photos!

Email your favourite digital photos taken on this walks - a selection of the best will be used to illustrate this walk page. Your name will be credited to the pictures. People, buildings, landscapes, wildlife - all sorts of images will be considered, as long as they are taken on the walk. Be sure to state on which walk your photos were taken. See disclaimer. Send to rightsofway@wrexham.gov.uk.