Pool Closures at Waterworld Leisure and Activity Centre

Wrexham Waterworld Leisure and Activity Centre is a regional swimming pool with facilities for national competition. Facilities include 300 tiered seats for spectators, electronic timing, anti-wave lane ropes, great catering services and an efficient partnership between Wrexham Swimming Club and the pool staff. All this and more combines to deliver excellent competitions, which help raise the profile of Wrexham Town and brings customers to the area.

Gala Dates2014

  • Sunday March 23
  • Saturday & Sunday May 3 & 4
  • Sunday June 8
  • Sunday November 23

School Swimming Galas

  • Wednesday May 21 - 9.00am -12.00pm
  • Thursday June 26 - 9.00am -12.00pm


  • Saturday 22nd March - Pool closed from 2:30pm

Contact us

Waterworld Leisure and Activity Centre
LL13 8DH

Tel: 01978 297300
Email: waterworld@wrexham.gov.uk

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