Swimming Lessons

Wrexham Waterworld Leisure and Activity Centre offers a full range of swimming lessons with fully qualified teachers.

Our swimming lessons have been awarded Aquamark Premiere – the industry standard for swimming lessons. Our lessons follow the ASA National Plan and we deliver over 2000 lessons a year. Each child is assessed at their ability level and moves classes when they have achieved the tasks required.

Swimming Pool Facilities and Regular Sessions

The following information describes the various swimming classes, programme and levels offered at Wrexham Waterworld Leisure and Activity Centre.

Parent and Baby / Toddlers

These sessions are run as a pre bookable course for the adult and child (3 months to 3 years) as a pre school water based activity lasting 30 minutes per session, with an ASA Adult and Child qualified teacher.

You will spend quality time with your child having fun, learning through play to increase your childs water confidence. We offer 4 ability groups, which are structured around a progressive award scheme.

Your child can attend the sessions as soon as they have had the recommended injections (please refer to your GP or Health Visitor for details). If your child is suffering from a cold , viral infection or diarrhoea it would be advisable to miss the class that day. Also, please do not feed your baby 1 hour prior to the start of the session.

Things you need to bring!

  • Swimming costume
  • Baby swim pants
  • £1.00 for the locker
  • Towel
  • Spare nappy

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Foundation Classes

These classes are for swimmers under the age of 5 who have started school. Foundation 1 is the starting point where a child is in the water gaining confidence accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Foundation 1

  • Enter the water using a swivel entry
  • With face in the water blow bubbles for 5 seconds
  • Submerge the head 6 times
  • Hop/skip/jump across the pool
  • Identify and pick up various sinking objects
  • Kick 5m using alternating action with a float on Front
  • Kick 5m using a simultaneous action with a float
  • Float on Front with face in the water with arms stretched out
  • Swim 3m on Front without aids
  • Float on Back with floats/woggle

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Foundation 2

  • Push into face down floating position
  • Push into floating position on Back
  • Pick up various sinking objects from pool floor
  • Hold any floating position for 5 seconds
  • Kick 5m alternating on Front without a float
  • Kick 5m alternating on Back without a float
  • Swim 5m Frontcrawl face down with slow arms
  • Swim 5m Backstroke with slow arms

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Foundation 3

  • Submerge to kneel on pool floor
  • Submerge completely for 5 seconds
  • Push & glide on Front with arms extended
  • Standing, demonstrate a sculling action
  • Kick 5m using a simultaneous kick on Front & Back
  • Kick 10m with float showing correct Frontcrawl breathing action
  • Kick 10m on Backs with hands by sides
  • Swim 10m Frontcrawl with correct breathing
  • Swim 10m Backstroke with slow arm action

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In 2007 the asa launched the new National Plan for Teaching Swimming. The core elements of this are FUNdamentals where the children learn through games and play. Our lessons follow this plan which provides structured progression and exit routes.

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