Regular Timetable

Regular Timetable

Public Swimming

Pool facilities are available between the following times, please not that during public time space is limited on a regular basis due to programmed activity to fully utilise the pools capacity.

*Customers are advised to check with the pool, before making a journey, that the regular pool timetable is being operated on the intended day of your visit. Also on a number of weekends all day galas are held for competitive swimming which close the pools to the general public all day.

Regular Pool Activities and Clubs

Wrexham Waterworld Leisure and Activity Centre offers an appealing menu of water based activities, sessions and clubs to entertain, educate and improve the performance and health of the population of Wrexham. The following table is a current listing of what we have to offer but please do not hesitate to contact Waterworld if you require more details.

* See Splash Nite Dates

There is always one lane available for public swimming Monday - Friday. There are no lanes available on the weekend.

Public Swimming Lessons

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