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Fostering - Various types of Foster Care

Different people will be able to commit to varying amounts of time to fostering and there are different types of fostering that you can provide and that can fit in to your lifestyle.

A number of children and young people need foster care for short periods. An example of when this can happen is if a parent or relative is ill or taken into custody or there has been a death in the family. In these cases the local authority are asked to assist the family for a short period of time. As a Foster Carer you will provide a safe and secure home environment for the child and working closely with birth families and Children's Services to secure their future, ideally back at home.

Sadly, some parents are unable to change their lifestyles to enable them to care appropriately for their own children. If this occurs, the child will then stay in the care of Wrexham County Borough Council on a longer-term basis. As a Foster Carer you will provide a safe and secure home for them to grow up in, and assist the child in preparing adulthood and beyond.

If you have the room and the time for more than one child we often have a great need for Foster Carers who can provide a home for sibling groups. When children and young people experience difficulties and problems in their lives their siblings can help in providing comfort, love and stability. If you can foster brothers and sisters, you'll be helping us by the positive option of keeping these children together.

Children with disabilities need special care, love and attention from their Foster Carers to help them learn to get the most out of life. Some carers specialise in having these children and children without disabilities to stay for short, specified periods of time. In most occasions this can be just one or two weekends a month or more of you prefer. This type of fostering is called 'Respite' and can become a lifeline for many families; in helping to keep them together.

WRAP Therapeutic fostering is for children and young people who may have complex emotional and behavioural needs and these carers will work as a part of a specialised multidisciplinary team which includes social workers, mental health services and education and health specialists.  The main carer would be expected to not have other caring responsibilities and needs to available. This is rewarding opportunity and a professional fee is paid.

We need more carers for children and young people over the age of 10. Some of these young people need respite care, some short-term care and some longer-term care. If you feel you could offer a home to older children why not call us to find out more. Or, if you have friends, family or colleagues who may be interested in caring for older children please show them this information pack and ask them to get in touch if they would like to know more.