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Life Events: Planning Civil Partnerships

Legal Issues

Notice of intention to enter into a Civil Partnership must be given in the district in which you reside. After giving notice you must wait a further twenty eight clear days before the signing of the Civil Partnership Schedule can take place. A Notice is valid for twelve months.

Documents Required by Law

When you attend before a Superintendent Registrar to make formal arrangements, you will need to produce certain documents to confirm your name, age, marital status and nationality.

The following original (photo-copies are not acceptable) documents need to be produced documents are:

Also required is documentary proof of your address e.g.

also (if applicable)


You will each be charged £35.00 when you give notice (non-refundable).


Signing of Civil Partnership Schedule will cost £46.00 payable on the day of the signing, plus £11.00 for each certificate purchased on the day.

With effect from 1 April 2019, the fee* for a wedding in the Ceremony Room Guildhall will be:

and at an Approved Premises will be:

* payable no less than 2 weeks before the event plus £11.00 for each certificate purchased on the day.

All fees are subject to review.

Please telephone the Civil Partnership Registrar to make an Appointment to give a Legal Notice. Tel: (01978) 298997.

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