Where Can I Get A Map?

Where can I get a map?

Map Extracts Supplied by Centremaps

  • Plans may be purchased for any purpose although we will charge the same for 1 as for 6
  • Maps are not transferable to third parties
  • Maps are only valid for 12 months as per our licence.

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Map Extracts for Planning and Building Regulations

Wrexham County Borough Council require a map extract at 1:2500 scale shows a sufficient area around the subject property to be used as a location plan for planning or building control purposes. However, applications in rural areas, or those involving large areas of land may need a larger map extract.

5 copies of the map extract are needed for a planning application and 2 for a building control application.

Extracts of Ordnance Survey mapping are available from the Planning Department and Centremaps to submit with your Planning or Building Regulations application.

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