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Local Planning Guidance Note No 24 - Designing Out Crime

This guidance note amplifies, in a clear and concise format, development plan policies which acknowledge that the design of the physical environment can positively influence human behaviour. Attractive, imaginative, and feasible design can help reduce crime, the fear of crime, and anti-social behaviour thereby achieving a safer and higher quality environment, and an improvement in residents' quality of life. The note will form a material consideration in the determination of all relevant planning applications.

Design Principles

Designing out crime rests on achieving the key principles of:

General Approach

Measures aimed at enhancing public safety extend well beyond the functions of land use planning. The approach taken to designing out crime is, therefore:

Design Checklist

a) Housing

Siting, Layout, and Movement

Buildings and Boundaries

b) Commercial and Public Buildings

Siting, Layout, and Movement

Buildings and Boundaries

c) Public Open Space and Landscaping

Siting, Layout, and Movement

Detailed Issues

Further advice is contained in Wrexham County Borough Council's Local Planning Guidance Note 10 - Public Open Space in New Housing Development.

Adopted May 2003