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Local Planning Guidance Note No.29 - Employment Development and Nature Conservation

Wrexham Industrial Estate

This is one of a series of local planning guidance notes which amplifies policies in the adopted Wrexham Unitary Development Plan (UDP) and supplementary planning guidance in the Wrexham Local Biodiversity Action Plan (2002) and Local Planning Guidance Note 26: 'Landscape & Industrial Development'. This guidance will be a material consideration when the Council decides Planning Applications.


Wrexham Industrial Estate is one of the largest in Europe, covering 550ha and its continued development as a strategic employment centre is essential to foster economic growth and prosperity within the County Borough. At the same time, the Estate contains an important network of wildlife habitats that supports a diverse range of animals and plants which help make the Estate an attractive place to work and which contribute to the quality of life of people in the County Borough. Many of these species and habitats are protected by UK/EU legislation, such as the River Dee and Bala Lake/ Afon Dyfrdwy a Llyn Tegid SAC ,which places a clear responsibility on developers/landowners to avoid harming them and a duty on the Council to promote biodiversity in exercising its functions. Safeguarding and enhancing habitats of ecological importance and local landscapes is also central to the aims of achieving sustainable development and high-quality design set out in the adopted Wrexham UDP (Policies EC4, EC6) and government advice in 'Planning Policy Wales.'

Adopted August 2009