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Listed Building Consent

These notes are designed to clarify what is needed for an application for Listed Building Consent. Consent is required for works which go beyond repair and maintenance and which affect the character of the listed building as one of special architectural or historic interest. Such works could range from the addition of signage to demolition, or the provision of an extension. It should be noted that internal works may also need consent and appropriate detail of the proposal must be provided.

The following basic information will normally be required as part of the application:

These plans will usually need to be more detailed than planning application plans and show more of context buildings to indicate possible impact. They should clearly identify the proposed works.

There is no application fee for Listed Building Consent applications. A total of 6 sets of plans for consultation purposes will enable your application to be dealt with more speedily.

See Application Forms to download an application form and an ownership certificate.

Works on commercial property that may need consent:

Detail Checklist

Window Details

Roof Details

Curtilage Details

Wall Details