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Withdrawn Wrexham Local Development Plan (1) March 2012

Wrexham County Borough Council submitted the Local Development Plan (LDP) to the Welsh Government and the Planning Inspectorate for Examination on the 30th September 2011.

Examination of the LDP began on 25th January 2012. However, due to fundamental concerns raised by the Planning Inspector conducting the examinations, the hearing sessions were suspended. An Exploratory Meeting was held on 23rd February 2012 to discuss the most appropriate action to deal with these concerns.

At the meeting on 23rd February 2012, the Council accepted that in light of the significant nature of the concerns raised by the Inspector in his Preliminary Findings Report, Feb 2012 (ED23) that there was no alternative other than to withdraw the Plan. The Inspector confirmed this in his letter to the Council, 27th Feb 2012 (ED27).

The Welsh Government has confirmed that the Inspectors Recommendation to withdraw will not be overruled in their letter of 16th March 2012. The Wrexham Local Development Plan was therefore officially withdrawn on 16th March 2012. As such, in accordance with Regulation 26 of the LDP Wales Regulations 2005, all documents connected with the preparation of the Plan have been removed from the website. The Council's notice and letter of withdrawal can be viewed.

A range of useful and relevant documents in relation to LDP preparation can still however be found in the links below. If you require any other documents that were used in the preparation of the Plan, please contact a member of the Planning Policy Team. Contact details are available below.

What will happen now the Plan has been withdrawn?

These pages will be periodically updated with the latest news on revisions to the LDP. A timetable setting out the next stages for preparing the Plan will be added in due course.

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